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In this section we feature tights that are in stock and ready to ship, no waiting for construction! In most cases there will only be one or two of each, so place your order before someone else does! Unless otherwise noted, all tights offered for sale here are brand new and never worn for performance. Tights sizes fit a range of waist sizes, as noted.

About Seamlyne Tights

Our tights are made of ~12 ounce cotton/polyester/lycra, with a matte finish.

How To Order Tights

We don't believe in "one size fits most": in our experience, that usually means "one size fits everyone else but you."  Our patterns are graded by inseam and waist, to ensure a good fit.  After all, when we say that Seamlyne tights are the most comfortable tights you'll ever wear...well, that's a strong statement to live up to, and we do it every day.

It's important that your measurements be reasonably accurate; it isn't necessary to understate them to make sure the tights fit.  Here's how to measure: 

  • Waist. Measure around your natural waist. This is higher than where your jeans waistband rides (that's usually too low).
  • Inseam. Measure the inside of your leg down to your ankle bone. If you measure longer than that, your tights will be too long!

Because of their matte finish, our tights will pass costume guidelines for period clothing at most events. Some colors, e.g. black, royal blue, purple, may be subject to sumptuary laws, so check with your local costume coordinator.



Seamlyne Reproductions is committed to creating the most comfortable tights, codpiece tights, shirts, and chemises that you'll find anywhere. Our tights are available with or without codpiece, and are ideal for renaissance festivals, stage performances, circuses and circus performers. Our shirts are perfect for a range of uses from high school plays to camera-ready, professional costuming applications.

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