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Two-Color Tights (2001)

These are just like our regular tights except that each leg is a different color! The codpiece is two color too, but the reverse of the legs' color combination.

Click here for a complete color chart.

New! Whenever we make a pair of two-color tights, we always make the other, opposite pair (left/right color reversed), and now you can buy that second pair at the single color price!

Available in waist sizes 28-52 only, inseam 28-36.

Dyeing fabric takes time - if you order a color we don't normally keep in stock ("Other colors" on the color chart), it will take at least 10 additional business days to process your order.

Because we couldn't get plush elastic with any reliability or a wide enough variety of colors, we no longer offer that as a waistband option.

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