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Ancient Sporran (8010)

With a body made of topgrain cowhide, this durable roomy pouch is big enough to carry almost 250 cubic inches of stuff. On one trip to the Missouri State Fair I managed to fit: wallet, checkbook (my wife's thick one), contact solution, glasses case, contacts case, and car keys on a carribeaner. I probably could have put more in but I was already listing to port from the weight at that point.

You can wear the sporran two ways. The back plate is cut to hang on a belt (belt mounted), and it has two D-rings to either side so you can clip on a chain (the clip rigging, below, is great for this).

Two pair of tassels gives this sporran a fashionable Irish touch, and it closes with a pewter Celtic Heart button.  (Checkbook, wallet, contact solution, etc. not included)

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