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Color-Effects Tights (2003)

We hand-dye our colors in small batches with pro-grade dyes, and that gives our colors a natural, rich texture. We decided to take that texture to the extreme, and the results are spectacular!

It works like this: Pick a color family to serve as the primary color, then choose an overall color scheme (a second color, or white).

Color Scheme

Complementary. This color scheme uses colors from opposite one another on the color wheel. These combinations tend to be vibrant and stand out.  

Analogous. This color scheme uses colors adjacent to one another on the color wheel. They usually match well, are often found in nature, and are calm and harmonious.

Dye Methods

Marble: with the fabric immersed, dye is poured in and left to soak, gathering on top of the folds. The final effect looks like a piece of polished stone.

Crinkle: similar to marble, but is done mostly dry, and so presents with sharper edges.

Broomstick: similar to marble, but with a very lengthwise directional character. 

Iced: A very striking watercolor effect created with melting ice. This is the most unpredictable effect*, and takes quite a lot more dye and more time than the other methods - plus the cost of a couple of bags of ice, naturally - so it costs just a little bit more.

New! Now you can order Color-Effects in parti-color! Add a solid color to compliment your effects dye. (For an example, see the last picture in the group, above.)

These tights are not available from any other retailer at any price, so order now and get noticed!

Each pair is unique, and we cannot predict exactly how the finished product will look. We do not accept returns on these tights except for construction defects, within ten days of receipt.

Try Seamlyne tights once, you'll agree: you've never worn tights that fit better or were more comfortable.

Note: We know our dyes very well. What seems like a good idea in your head might not turn out so well on fabric. Unless you tell us otherwise during checkout, we reserve the right to arbitrarily adjust your color choices so that the finished product is as good as it can be. 

Why not black? Long story short: the effect process isn't long enough to let black set, so what you'll get is a dark, bluish gray. If it goes long enough to set, you'll end up with a solid color and no effect at all. We can do black as a base, then do a subtractive process in the effect. Email for details.

Available in waist sizes 28-48, inseam 28-36.

Click here for a chart of all of our color choices.

Dyeing fabric takes time - if you order a color we don't normally keep in stock (past the first ten colors or so in the list - see "Other Colors" on the color chart), it will take at least 10 additional business days to process your order.


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