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If you live in the Kansas City area:

...it might occur to you that you could just stop by to pick up your order.

You can't. Don't ask. We value our privacy and family time above
any other temporal concern. Because this address is a private home
as well as a shop, we do our busines via email and website. That's it.
Please be prepared to pay for shipping, USPS Priority Mail.

For this reason we also do not publish our phone number. If for
some reason you need to communicate with us by phone, drop us an
email with your number: we'll call you within 24 hours.
This courtesy is available only to customers who have placed paid orders with us.

Thanks for your business, and understanding.

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Seamlyne Reproductions' postal address is:

Seamlyne Reproductions
1920 S. Osage St.
Independence, Missouri



Seamlyne Reproductions is committed to creating the most comfortable tights, codpiece tights, shirts, and chemises that you'll find anywhere. Our tights are available with or without codpiece, and are ideal for renaissance festivals, stage performances, circuses and circus performers. Our shirts are perfect for professional costuming applications or high school plays.

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