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1. Two-Color Tights - Burgundy/Old Gold w 34-38 - in. 30
2. Metal Slide Buckles
3. Single Color Tights - Black
34-38w x 30"

4. Single Color Tights - Gray
43-48w x 30-32i

5. Parti-Color Tights - Black/Wine
39-42w x 30i

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1. Single Color Tights
2. Two-Color Tights
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You know, it's easy to tell a veteran performer from a costumed patron (besides the glasses, wool cape in August, bedroom slippers, and Knights Of Columbus sword.) The performer carries on his person everything he's going to need for that day; the patron wears the clothing, but rarely the items that complete the costume, the stuff my friend "Fox" calls fiddly bits: a pouch, a belt, a knife to eat with, a bowl to eat from, among other things.

Well, we don't offer all of that, but we do have more than enough here to get you started.

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Garment Bag Black with Gold Trim 54" x 24"
Garment Bag Black with Gold Trim 54" x 24"

Keep dust, mildew and moths out with this black with gold trim plastic garment bag.

Our Price: 10

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Studded Leather Belt
Studded Leather Belt

Studded leather belt, double ring buckle.

Our Price: 10

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Braided black leather belt
Braided black leather belt

A braided black leather belt, heavy enough to wear a sword from!

Our Price: 20

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Wide Belt
Wide Belt

This substantial belt offer good looks and support for your back, too!

Our Price: 220

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Seamlyne Reproductions is committed to creating the most comfortable tights, codpiece tights, shirts, and chemises that you'll find anywhere. Our tights are available with or without codpiece, and are ideal for renaissance festivals, stage performances, circuses and circus performers. Our shirts are perfect for professional costuming applications or high school plays.

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